About Us

serve.sg is a gamified, web-based matching platform for skilled volunteerism, which allows (skilled) volunteers to be matched with charities or non-profit organisations - and vice versa - to work collaboratively on projects. Skilled volunteers can provide direct support to programmes and services, or contribute to capacity-building.

Three unique propositions:

  1. Free and democratised approach: serve.sg is fully-run by volunteers, with no costs for usage. The team is also consulting potential users, who provide feedback to build on a base model.
  2. Skill- and location-based volunteerism in Singapore: Not only is it easy for volunteers and charities to sign up, serve.sg addresses the challenge of information asymmetries and potentially creates an active community of volunteers and charities.
  3. More innovative approaches to volunteerism and co-creation. In addition to the feedback from potential users, other features are in the pipeline, including volunteers to work in teams, volunteers to pitch projects to charities, charities to work with volunteers on new projects, and gamification.

The platform remains in beta, and its development will be guided by inputs from volunteers and charities. A fully-functional version is expected in September 2018. Drop us an email at sppkjy@nus.edu.sg if you are interested to try the platform out.

serve.sg is funded by the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth, under the "Our Singapore Fund".